Baggage Claim Area

After going through the mandatory security checkpoint, all arriving passengers are directed toward the baggage claim area located on the first level of the terminal. If arriving passengers can't find their luggage, they must contact their airline company.

Visitor Information Center

Travelers who need information about the area, brochures, maps, and schedule of events, the staff at the airport's Visitors Center handle all these needs. The team uses mapping software to create custom directions to any destination in North America. The service provides the most extensive selection of brochures in the region. The Visitor Information Center is near the baggage claim area on the first level of the terminal.

There are three exits from the airport on the first level, two on the sides leading to parking and car rental areas and one on the front side of the terminal leading to pickup designated locations for taxis, limos, and hotel shuttles.



Ways of Transportation to and from SAV Airport: Taxi, Bus, Rideshare.

Car Rentals

Car rental facilities found at Savannah International Airport